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III Congreso Gliomatosis Cerebri

At this III International Meeting on Gliomatosis Cerebri Research, we unveil our new logo.

What do we want to convey?

-The hand is a child鈥檚 hand that represents the reason for the origin of our associations. Our children, who are fighting or have fought bravely against gliomatosis cerebri. The donation, sometimes, of their brains after their deaths, has allowed the start of the investigation. They are our encouragement, our strength to keep moving forward. For them and for those who may come.

-The golden ribbon is the symbol of cancer in children and young people. Children are the future, the most valuable thing in society, which explains the golden colour.

-The gray ribbon is a symbol of brain cancer, because gliomatosis cerebri is a type of tumor that affects the brain.

-And the heart shape that emerges from the intersection of the two ribbons means love for our children and for those who may also suffer from this disease in the future.

Do you like it?

III Congreso Gliomatosis Cerebri
III Gliomatosis Cerebri Congress

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