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II Gliomatosis Cerebri Congress (Washington, 2017)

Are you interested in gliomatosis cerebri?

If you don’t know it, pediatric gliomatosis cerebri is a very aggressive, malignant brain tumor that spreads rapidly diffusely. It is a rare and incurable disease of which there is little knowledge. In children and adolescents it has an average life expectancy of 14.5 months from the first symptoms.

Families and experts have come together again to take another step internationally in the research and treatment of those affected. It is a journey that we started in 2015, with the first congress in Paris and we continued in Washington in 2017 with the second international meeting.

I Gliomatosis Cerebri Congress (Paris, 2015)

The III congress for the investigation of Gliomatosis Cerebri will be held in Barcelona on September 22 and 23, 2019. Will you join us?

We already have our program practically closed. We will bring together the best international researchers and doctors of the disease, and all family associations in the world. Together we are stronger.

Check the program and sign up. Research is our hope.

See you there!


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