Proposals for the research grant from 7 countries submitted

After the extension of the term due to the pandemic, on December 13, the period for receiving applications for the first research grant on gliomatosis cerebri closed. The grant will be developed internationally between centers in different countries.

Interesting proposals have been received involving centers from seven countries in total. It is expected that the Evaluation Committee will analyze the proposals and they will have a decision about the research project selected to develop this grant during the first quarter of 2021.

Complete information on the grant is published on this website of the III Congress for the Investigation of Infantile Gliomatosis Cerebri, an event held in Barcelona last September 2019, with the assistance of researchers and families, from which this initiative arose.

Five associations from France, the United States and Spain, created by parents whose children died of gliomatosis cerebri, came together to finance this first research project on this rare type of childhood brain cancer, which amounts to 300,000 euros. The grant will be financed at the moment between the Spanish association Izas, la princesa guisante (responsible for the proposal to carry out this grant), the French organizations Franck, a rayon de soleil, Mathys, a rayon de soleil, and Nina, a rayon de soleil, and the American AYJ Fund. The grant is still open to other possible international collaborations