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“We would love you to join us at the III International Congress on Gliomatosis Cerebri, conceived and configured with the objective of consolidating collaborative research projects focused on GC.
Our goal is that researchers and doctors from leading programs in Europe and North America sit in the same room and create a roadmap that defines how to find the answers we need to better fight this challenging condition.

In recent years, we have made key discoveries in glioma biology and its genesis, which we hope will be soon translated into more specific, more effective and less toxic therapies. However, we are very far from understanding what makes diffuse infiltrative gliomas, with GC as its most aggressive, invasive and migratory form, so elusive for current therapies.

To understand a series of factors that include neuronal development and activation, the microenvironment of the tumor and the immune system, genetic and epigenetic alterations, the mechanism for glial migration and invasion, etc. It will probably provide us with the basis for future translational research.

This meeting will provide an active and live environment, in which a selected group of researchers on invasive gliomas can share their ideas and discuss their progress and obstacles”.

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Dinner 9/22/2019

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