Request for applications in pediatric Gliomatosis Cerebri

GCPY Grant 2020


Pediatric gliomatosis cerebri (GCP or GCI) families gathered at the 3rd International Congress on GCI have decided to join their efforts and launch a Request for Applications (RFA) to support international research focused on this type of cancer. In this way, families can demonstrate their commitment to the scientific research as a basis for knowledge and improvement in diagnosis and the treatments for this disease that has shaken their lives.

The grant is still open to other possible international collaborations, but it is currently funded between five family associations:

  • Izas, la princesa guisante (Spain)
  • Franck, un rayon de soleil (France)
  • AYJ Fund (EEUU)
  • Mathys, un rayon de soleil (France)
  • Nina, un rayon de soleil (France)

The primary purpose of this RFA is to finance multicenter research projects on gliomatosis cerebri in pediatric and young adult through collaborative efforts. Multinational projects are prioritized. Basic biologic and translational studies are eligible.


For the purpose of this RFA, gliomatosis cerebri refers to the diffuse infiltration of a malignant glioma without a significant primary focal mass involving two or more cerebral hemispheres in children and young adults < 30 years of age.

“Gliomatosis Cerebri families” includes a working group that emerged from the 3er International Congress of GC specifically responsible for making this Call viable. Other families affected by the disease, also participate in different ways to enable this call.

Each project will have a Scientific Coordinator (SC) in charge of coordinating the research groups participating in the project. Each research group will also have a Principal Investigator (PI).


Projects will have a minimum duration of three years, GC families planned support will be 100,000 Euro per year and will continue for three years with a possible extension to a forth year of funding.

Acceptable costs include personal, lab reagents, small equipment (up to 10% of the budget) and indirect costs capped at 15%. In addition, costs up to 2,000 Euros for travel and 2,000 Euros for publication costs will be permitted.

Yearly status reports will be required and approved before subsequent funds will be released. A final study report will be due three months after completion of the grant funding.

The application will be submitted only in English directly to the 3rd International Congress on GCI webpage (URL) and must have been received by 12 pm on March the 31st, 2020, Brussels time (CET) (That means that applications must be uploaded by midnight)

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: As a result of COVID-19 around the world we have decided to postpone applications’ deadline until December 13, 2020. We will be closely following the evolution of these circumstances, modifying the aforementioned date if necessary to ensure that all applicants have equal opportunities.

Animal and/or clinical protocol ethics committee approval, where appropriate, should be included.

For additional information, please refer to English, French and Spanish consultations are accepted.


A Committee of Experts formed by three researchers who have attended and / or participated in any of the three international meetings on the GCI, select the appropriate Panel of evaluators from expert medical researchers without conflict of interest.

Each project will be scored by at least two evaluators.

Scoring of applications will use a point system and final cumulative score to identify the successful application. An evaluation criteria proposal is:

A.-Research project(max. 60)

A.1.-Technical scientific quality (max. 50)
  1. Feasible and realistic goals. Project viability and budget justification (25)
  2. Scientific and technical aspects proposed (25): Proposal with solid foundation, sensible design, methodology / cutting-edge techniques.
A.2.-Transfer of results (max. 10)

Predictable transfer in the form of: clinical practice guides, diagnostic procedures / algorithms, new therapeutic or research strategies …

B.-CV of the research team (SC + PIs) (max. 30) (JCR 2018 index)

B.1.-Research capacity in the last five years (max. 20)

Up to 10 publications on GC, brain cancer, or pediatric cancer in general will be counted, as well as publications related to the techniques proposed in the project:

  • 3 points for each publication as senior of 1st decile, 4 points for each publication as young researcher of 1st decile
  • 1 point for each publication as a senior of the 1st quartile; 1.5 points for each publication as a young 1st quartile researcher
  • 0.5 points for each publication of 2nd quartile

Young researcher: born 1975 or later

B.2.-Trajectory of joint work (max. 10)

Between (or among) the project research groups:

  • +1 point for each joint publication (of those listed in B.1) or up to 10 points if there is a collaborative funded project between the groups that make up the research team.
C.- Justification of the collaboration (max. 10)

Clearly establish the collaboration between the research groups for the development of the project, detailing the activities and dedication of the participants according to the project design.

(Some modifications could be made by Panel of evaluators)

Finally, GC families will award up to 15 extra points for the participation of researchers who have systematically been involved in the activities, projects etc. of these families.


The resolution of the call will be made public through the website of the 3rd International Congress of GC. It will also be notified by mail to the SC.


The effectiveness of the resolution granting the aid will be conditioned on the signing of the agreement between the Institution of the SC of the project, the SC itself and the association of families in the country where the SC conducts its investigations.

The agreement will include the general and particular conditions of the project, as well as the payment terms and conditions that will govern the granting of the aid.

Duties of the awardees

GC families may contact the SC and / or the PIs of the beneficiary groups in relation to informative events or work meetings of the families to know the status of the investigation (regardless of the in-between reports and the final project memory). Researchers participating in the project will collaborate in the outreach and active search for financing that families do when they may be required, always to the extent that their institutions allow it and / or do not involve a major disruption in their daily work.


A brief annual report will be presented, at a scientific and economic level, reflecting and justifying the possible deviations in relation to the initial plan / schedule. The final report must be submitted no later than 3 months after the end of the project.

The reports will be presented in digital format through the website of the 3rd GC Congress and will be reviewed by the Committee of Experts and the GC families.

During the International GCI Meetings, which may coincide in time with the development of the funded projects, the presentation and / or the updating of the project development, the preliminary statement of results etc.. may be requested from the participating groups.


Participation in this call implies full acceptance of the content of these terms. The non-acceptance of any of its points implies the dismissal of the participation and in case of being beneficiary, the automatic resignation.

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